Through pre-press service Cartoedit performs all operations prior to the actual printing. Especially our prepress process includes: 1) the realization of the sketch of the layout chart and document graphics with your computer 2) the creation of the file with a graphics program 3) the realization of the forms, as well as the development of the film, the punching and / or bending of the plate 4) the installation of the forms and the registration on the machine

The equipment to our disposal

Here is the complete list of equipments to meet every customer need:

  • n. 2 CTP AGFA EXALIBUR VLF GLV with developers and in-line stacher
  • n. 2 Series 3 APOGEE work flows (set up at the end of March 2003)
  • n. 2 Hp Plotter for colour blueprints with TECHSAGE technology (front back printing)
  • 1 AGFA AVANTRA 44E for CTF outlet
  • 1 AGFA ACCUSET 1500 plus for films
  • 1 Scanner AGFA HYPlus
  • 1 Colour Plotter Encad 850 8
  • 1 Colour Plotter Colorspan Display Maker 12
  • 1 Colour Plotter Xerox Colorgraf X2 6
  • 1 digital test Dupont AQ4 size 50×70 certified also for pantone colours (graphic colours)
  • 15 stazions for video paging
  • HDSL Data transmission ( Transmission speed 2 MBIT/sec) available for connection with FTP
  • Digital system that allows the use of same file used on the carving plate, to obtain colour test till 120×160 as max size.The test, given together with plates, is very useful to the operator during the starting time